Accessories for The Busy Woman

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE mixing things up this winter.  Lots of texture, mixing colors and empowering yourself by discovering who you are and what you choose to look like.  Let this year be the change that we all need and let it start with being fearless and sorting through what you prefer. Follow that which excites you! Perhaps a new handbag with two tones, or mixed textures. Look for a light weight purse or just go for the design, either way, do what makes you happy! Have enough handbags? Perhaps a new fun accessory for your neck,wrist or ears! I always love new earrings. I cannot have enough. You can really update a wardrobe by adding new pieces of bling to enhance the outfit you already have. Check out some of the accessories that I found and sell. You can also look for me in Ebay under seller name BettyBargainBuys. I have new and old vintage items just waiting to find that special someone to wear them! Maybe you want to have a little bling to brighten you winter blues! LOL