Detox Beet Juice Protocol

Separately measured out : 1 cup of beets juiced, 1 cup of fennel juiced, 1 cup of 50/50 carrot/celery  1/2 cup (optional asparagus) …. That’s it!!!! Drink down and eat one apple afterward (optional)…

Apples are eaten for the purpose of removing detox side effects whereas in this case there are NONE but I just like them! The fennel also facilitates the removal of toxins so, eventually you can lower it to ¾ and then ½ over time.  Though fennel is cheaper,  asparagus is a good optional add in since it too removes every type of heavy metal there is! Just like beets and they provide super nutrition too… carrots provide a good amount of calcium and force production of Human Growth Hormone so you can stay looking young.

 this juicing remedy is good for:

Fluoride Poisoning
Pesticide Poisoning
Mold and Fungal Infections
Crow’s Feet
Heavy Metal Poisoning
Love Handles & Cellulite
Hormonal Imbalances
Free Radicals
Gray Hair