One Brain Two Minds!

Our brain has two sides of power or two minds. We call this CONSCIOUS MIND and SUBCONSCIOUS MIND and each one has different uses, abilities and capacities. One side thinks and the other side just babbles!

The conscious mind is the state of awareness which allows us to have self awareness.  Does my conscious mind have a hand in my puppet? It is the side of the mind that gives directions so the subconscious can follow the order of direction. It is where critical thinking and logic rest. Although the conscious mind is limited, without it, planning anything would be impossible.

The Unlimited subconscious mind is where experiences, (good or bad) are stored, and where we connect to our higher self ie…our intuition insight and wisdom or your inner Betty Babble! Your subconscious or inner babble accepts your conscious (Betty Babble) desires to create the life you really want.

Now, there is an important factor that comes into play between the conscious and the subconscious mind that makes it impossible to have what some people call will power. You cannot use your conscious mind to change a habit or belief, you need your both minds to agree. Your subconscious mind is in charge of your habits and always looks for the easiest path or least effort and does not like change. It will justify anything. So, lets use the example that your conscious mind decides logically it would be a good idea to lose weight to stay healthy but the subconscious mind naturally takes the path of least resistance and wants to keep things the same, so it goes into automatic mood and come up with excuses as to why you cannot do it. The subconscious mind rejects information from the conscious mind so you don’t have to make any new decision and keep things status quo. The state of the subconscious is very helpful when someone is trying to convince you to do something harmful to yourself, but can be very harmful if it keeps you stuck with habits and beliefs that your conscious mind no longer wants.

It’s no wonder we have difficulty making changes. Your inability to make changes is because you are using the wrong side of your brain, or in other words putting the focus of attention in the wrong place. What needs to be done is to change the subconscious program in order to get different results. I am going to explain one easy way to do this.

As we go about our everyday work and chores, we are basically in a trance state or a habitual way of doing things. This trance state can be in a state of happiness, struggle, poverty, etc. If we are in a negative trance state. then we need to change the trance state to a new positive one. We do this by focusing our attention from one state that works against us to one that works for us.

Let’s talk about beliefs. Beliefs create the trance state and the problem with the trance state is that it does not allow any other viewpoints to enter into consciousness. This falsely allows us to believe that our own beliefs are the truth. When you believe your own version of the truth your reactions become automatic and you behave in a way that coincides with your own view of the truth. A large part of the programing of the subconscious is from childhood and robbing our conscious intentions for success as adults and we feel victimized. We think we are thinking but what we are doing is REACTING to our life based on our beliefs.  Reacting causes us to act in a habitual way in agreement with our own beliefs, which is mostly subconscious! This is like being on autopilot and thinking we are in control.

SO. now that you have a better understanding of how our two minds work let’s see how we can change the trance.  We now know that the subconscious wants to keep things status quo, so we need to bypass this in order to make a change directly to the subconscious and start changing the program. By going to the place where the problem exists and resolving it, is the only way to experience freedom to manifesting the life that you always wanted.

Since the subconscious mind is pure automation the best way to change is to flip the negative into a positive and repeat, repeat & repeat some more until it becomes a behavior  then a habit which will form a belief and become part of your character which will shape your destiny!

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