Let’s talk about resistance, heels scraping on the pavement!

Even though I am a puppet and we all are, I allow the hand that guides me to
show me my true direction. Just the other day I experienced the anger of another puppet that does not let their helping hand guide them and when I pointed this out I was exposed to their resistance. The results show up as anger, frustration, nastiness, depression, anxiety, all negative feelings. First I would like to thank those who display that form of resistance because it gives ME Betty some more to babble about!! I can’t see how anyone would try to resist, and want to paddle against the flow of the river of life especially without the paddle. LOL I understand not everyone is in the same place of learning and when help is in front of you and you are not ready, don’t become angry and nasty with the messenger, just change your channel and tune into whatever makes you happy, but remember you will never find joy by staying at your own pity party. Look at the pattern you have formed. Ask yourself this, how is this belief that I have formed working for me? Get rid of the old beliefs that do not serve you and learn to manifest by allowing your helping hand to guide you, this is the art of allowing!

RE-Member, resistance is friction and an indication that you are not allowing your helping hand to guide you! Until then Betty Babble here signing out! Much love Betty


Betty Babble Talk

Circumcise or Not?
That is the question

Betty questions to snip, or not to snip. Removing foreskin is done by immobilizing the baby and strapping him down… that doesn’t sound like a pleasurable experience for a little one just entering into the world!

Besides the fact that there are risks, such as infections scarring and a slip of the knife cutting too much! UGHHHH
It’s painful to such a sensitive little baby!

Cutting foreskin for health reasons! The foreskin is actually a functional part of protection for the penis. It provides moisture and lubrication as well and diminishes sexual pleasure later on in life. Betty says it’s like a hot dog without a bun! :(((( Would you cut the lids of your eyes to see better? Betty shows no judgement just wants you to Think and ask yourself why such practices are still being done. Make a wise choice for you and your baby. Until the next topic, be better with Betty.CIMG1364