Betty Babble Talk

Circumcise or Not?
That is the question

Betty questions to snip, or not to snip. Removing foreskin is done by immobilizing the baby and strapping him down… that doesn’t sound like a pleasurable experience for a little one just entering into the world!

Besides the fact that there are risks, such as infections scarring and a slip of the knife cutting too much! UGHHHH
It’s painful to such a sensitive little baby!

Cutting foreskin for health reasons! The foreskin is actually a functional part of protection for the penis. It provides moisture and lubrication as well and diminishes sexual pleasure later on in life. Betty says it’s like a hot dog without a bun! :(((( Would you cut the lids of your eyes to see better? Betty shows no judgement just wants you to Think and ask yourself why such practices are still being done. Make a wise choice for you and your baby. Until the next topic, be better with Betty.CIMG1364


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