More Christmas Movie Reviews

Hi again Betty here posting some more Christmas Movie reviews.

Christmas with the Kranks was a fun, make you smile comedy Christmas movie.Tim Allen playing Luther Krank and Jamie Lee Curtis playing his wife decide to skip the traditional Christmas and opt for a cruise because their daughter is away and not coming home for Christmas. The message in this movie is a simple one, you can’t find happiness outside of the very things you really love. I give it 4 stars for making me smile on a cold day!

Betty here again for another Christmas movie review. The Mistle-tones with Tori Spelling. A young singer has wanted to be in the legendary Christmas singing group founded by her late mother. Although very talented she turns her obstacles into a new idea that creates the best Christmas ever for all. Somewhat predictable but still I just love a happy end! I give this 3.5 stars.

This Christmas movie was.a real sleeper Holiday in Handcuffs...just loved this one, who wouldn’t,staring Mario Lopez! A young single women who considered herself the black sheep of her family never seems to make her parents proud of her decisions,especially when you see what she does to prove to them how good she is doing when she heads to the cabin they rented for Christmas with the family. Funny yet so heart warming and makes you want to believe that it is all about fate! Enjoyed watching this one so much I gave it 4.5 stars.


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