Holiday Foods can bring on GAS…Flatulence

Betty here wishing to share some good remedies for overeating foods that cause gas, too bad we can’t run our cars on it! Look everyone passes gas but we can be more aware of what we eat. Some foods produce more gas such as cabbage, onions, prunes, brussel sprouts, beans, apples, peaches, pears, corn, oats, potatoes, dates, broccoli, cauliflower, milk, ice cream, soft cheese, fried foods, spicy foods, refined sugars, processed foods and fluffy wheat products such as bread. Other foods such as citrus fruits, bananas, grapes, rice, eggs, natural yogurt, hard cheese, meat (as long as you chew it fully) and non-carbonated drinks. Chewing on some fresh basil along with adding it to your cooking will also help to prevent further flatulence problems. Chewing your food well helps to break it down so it can be properly absorbed. High saturated fats and high carb foods contribute to gas problems.

Some great remedies are the following:

1) Get on floor on your back,legs up in the air and hands down to support your back and circle your legs like riding a bike.

2) Charcoal tablets, they absorb toxins as well as excess air in the digestive track

3) Probiotic supplements

4) Garlic might give you garlic breath but puts the gas right out of your belly

5) Cinnamon 1/2 tsp of cinnamon in warm reg milk,or almond milk with a touch of honey prevents gas attacks

6) Peppermint oil can be used two drops in cool water 2 times a day or boil peppermint tea leaves and umm delicious too!

7) Baking soda and lemon are an easy fix. squeeze juice of a lemon into 1/2 glass of water and a teaspoon of baking soda.

8) Apple cider vinegar with the mother load, I use Braggs! excellent eliminator and cleanser.

9) Caraway seeds or black cumin seeds. Boil and steep for 10 minutes and then strain and drink.

10) Ginger used as a tea drink 3 times a day or chew a fresh piece or use it for cooking.

11) Fennel seeds boiled for 3-5 minutes or just chew a small amount of them for a quick cure of gas this season!

That’s my tips for today, Betty Babble signing out! Happy eating.


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