Think wheat bread is good for you?… think again, here is why

Most whole wheat breads found in the grocery stores are white bread dyed brown with added high fructose corn syrup or high amounts of sugar. This is one reason why wheat causes sugar disruptions, which increases aging and diabetes risk. Wheat has a carbohydrate that spikes your blood sugar higher than pure table sugar.
Remedy…try oatmeal, after 45 minutes of eating a bowl of oatmeal blood sugar increases from 86 fasting level to 112 as compared to 2 slices of whole wheat toast which spikes from 86 to 155.
Another reason wheat is not good for you is the gluten. Even if you are not gluten sensitive there are hundreds of studies indicating that gluten causes inflammation in your digestive track causing a host of digestive issues including leaky gut and autoimmune problems. The reason we are seeing more problems with gluten than when our grandparents were born is that the wheat has been so genetically modified that it has become foreign to our digestive system. So, this is another reason we need to speak out against genetically modified food. Please leave our seeds the way nature intended!
Reason three is that wheat has a naturally occurring compound that blocks nutrients when eaten at almost every meal. One of these anti nutrients is called phytates and it blocks absorption of zinc, manganese and calcium! Ummm… maybe this is why there are so many people losing bone density?…just saying.


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